Wood construction solutions for professionals

Puumerkki is a specialist in wood construction. We serve construction firms, retailers, and industrial operators in Finland and in the Baltic countries.

  • Partnership
  • Expertise
  • Versatility
  • Responsibility

Active partner

We develop our operations actively to help our partners reach their goals. Seeking better solutions is our chosen way of developing logistics, customer cooperation, and supply processes.
Read more about partnership here

All-round expertise in wood and construction

We are not just a specialist in wood products. Our expertise is a combination of knowledge in the products and logistics, general understanding of the sector, and familiarity with the operating methods of our customers. We develop our services and products in cooperation with the sector's leading operators.

Provider of alternatives

Products and services that are tailored to the needs of our customers are an essential part of our offering.
We offer our customers flexible and easy services. Read more about diversity here.

Reliable and responsible operator

We develop services and solutions that facilitate high-quality and ecological construction while also enhancing the speed, efficiency and safety of construction. We aim to always act in a responsible way, taking account of economic, social, and environmental impacts.
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We aim at long-term relationships that are not only new business connections but also successful partnerships.


We offer our suppliers an excellent marketing channel into the Finnish and the Baltic markets.

Interest groups

We are an expert partner to interest groups in the sector. We offer e.g. architects and designers new ideas and knowledge relating to the qualities of and opportunities provided by materials.

Construction solutions

We provide the latest construction solutions. We participate in developing wood construction of the future.

Skilled staff

Skilled staff is a cornerstone of our operations. Our aim is to ensure that each meeting with our clients exceeds expectations.

Solutions for industrial operators

We create efficient logistics solutions with our customers, and tailor our services and products so that our customers can focus on their core operations.

Commercial solutions

We are pioneers in the development of trading methods. Customer-oriented online shopping solutions implemented in cooperation with our customers are an example of this.


Our online service allows our customers to ensure the availability of products, submit orders, and reserve products every day when it best suits them.

Further processing

We offer our customers services that facilitate quicker completion of their projects, such as specialized machining services and delivery of products that are cut to length based on drawings.

Service packages

We help our customers improve the efficiency of their operations by creating ready service packages, such as the Deco furniture board wholesale network for furnishing homes, stores, and public premises.

Own brands

In addition to the brands of our suppliers, our comprehensive product selection includes our own Wicco and Effex brands.

Genuinely ecological

All procurement decisions have long-lasting consequences for the environment. Wood is always an ecological choice.

High-quality operations

We never compromise on work safety, social and environmental responsibility, or quality of operations. We were the first operator in the sector to receive both the PEFC and FSC certificates.

Safe living environments

We offer sustainable product solutions for creating safe living environments.

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