Sustainable wood solution for professionals

Puumerkki is building materials wholesale chain specializing in wood based products and serving contractors, retailers and industry.  We serve customers in Finland and Baltic Countries.

Our Owner Mimir has a Vision: to make the World a better place.  All employees of Puumerkki work towards the Vision by doing business with sustainable wood products.

Puumerkki plays by the same game rules everywhere

Puumerkki fulfills EU Timber regulations (law nbr 995/2010) and EU Flegt.  We control our wood with 100% coverage.  We use PEFC Chain of Custody and FSC Chain of Custody methods to proof our origin of wood. We operate with same business rules and we follow the national laws in each country we operate.

Our Code Of Conduct defines how we behave as a company and as employees as well as the way we do the business.  We do internal audits and supplier chain audits to ensure sustainable and ethical business operations.  Puumerkki is audited externally by the company Det Norske Veritas, DNV.

Our certificates:

PEFC -2486561 - 2017- AE- FIN-FINAS
FSC - DNV-COC-138121

What is EU FLEGT?

In 2003, the European Commission initiated fight against illegal logging and illegal trade of wooden products by developing an action plan. This action plan is called FLEGT Action Plan. EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT license scheme are one of the several elements in the FLEGT Action Plan. The EU developed the FLEGT Action Plan as a response to rising international concerns about the social, economic and environmental impacts of illegal logging.  Illegal timber means timber harvested or sold in violation of the national legislation in the country of origin. This may involve for example illegal felling, tax fraud or counterfeit customs documents.